As far back as I can remember I loved hair and makeup. Many a days were spent experimenting with my Sweet Roses Makeup Barbie... helllooo bangs!!!  While hair and makeup have always been my passion, like most people, that was not the path I first started on. Believe it or not I actually spent almost 10 years in Land Title Insurance. I know! Crazy right? Fortunately and unfortunately the insurance bubble burst thereafter  that I decided to follow my passion and attend The Paul Mitchell School. I currently work at Daniel Jordan Salon in Encino and my creations can be seen anywhere from fashion shows, music videos, photo shoots and weddings. I love all avenues my passion allows me to take! This industry is so special in that it allows me to directly affect someone's everyday life, ranging from the beautiful model to the business woman and even the housewife. What a better way to make a living than to make someone feel beautiful and confident!


On a more personal level, I have been married to a wonderful supporting man for 18 years and am the lucky mother of three boys. Recently I’ve been blessed with a new granddaughter. Do not go calling me grandma though, I am and forever forth shall be known as “G”. I love spending quality time with my family. One of our favorite family events is paint balling. That's right, I may love beauty but I'll get down and dirty for a good time any day of the week. I love to travel and recently came back from a 2 week vacation to the Philippines! It was amazing  spending time with family and seeing nature's beauty.  

I am truly blessed and honored to be apart of this industry that I love so much! 

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Kris De Guzman                                             (818)272-3242